Re: framed blog – compare Holden’s narration of his own life to yourself as a storytelling Marin teen.

The character, Holden in the book, CATCHER IN THE RHY, narrates in first person perspective with limited narration. Limited narration is when you only know what a limited number of characters are thinking and feeling. The life that holden has is very different than mine in many way, firstly, it is much harder. Living in Marin County can be very sheltered and easy, compared to living on your own and traveling from high school to high school, like Holden. Holden’s narraration is very childish and he seems to not care about what he says. He also gets annoyed really easily by small things that people do and you can hear that in his thoughts. This is one passage from the book that illustrates what his narration is like through out the first part of the book.—-

“””He put my goddam paper down then and looked at me like he’d just beaten hell out of me in ping-pong or something. I don’t think I’ll ever forgive him for reading me that crap out loud. I wouldn’t’ve read it out loud to him if he’d written it—I really wouldn’t. In the first place, I’d only written that damn note so that he wouldn’t feel too bad about flunking me. “Do you blame me for flunking you, boy?” he said. “No, sir! I certainly don’t,” I said. I wished to hell he’d stop calling me “boy” all the time.”””

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As you can see, his thoughts contradict what he actually says to Mr. Spencer. Many things go through his mind that he choses to filter out when he talks to someone. Through the book you can see that when he says something to someone he is not always sincere.
When I am telling a story, or talking to someone i will usualy say what i feel, unless of course it is mean or offensive. I also do not use as many swear words in my vocabulary as he does. Because of our different lives and up bringings we have a very different kinds of dialog.


Reframing carpool

Today in class we listed to the podcast “car pool”. This podcast was about a girl who was trying to become friends with an other girl, but messes it up by doing something embarrassing, which in the end turns out good. This story really reminded me of one time When i was up in Bear valley with a couple friends where we made a bid jump in the snow that landed in a bunch of powder. I wanted to impress all of the people watching me, so i tried to do a back flip off of the jump. I strapped into my snowboard and looked down at my destination five feet below, the cold wind griped my bare skin.As I started down the ramp I could tell it was not going to go well, my snow board straps were too loose! As I went off the jump, my snow board caught an edge and I went spiraling into the air. The next moment, I felt the snow hit hard hard on my head. I got up quickly to show that I was not badly hurt and I thought that i had failed the jump. but in the end we ended up getting some great pictures, which was worth it all the way.


Group blogs!

Here are the URLs for my group members blogs, I am very existed to here about your surfing, soccer, and dancing
This is Pete’s blog about water sports and surfing, I am looking forward to reading some of his blog posts because I am a fellow surfe and I love being out in the water.
Shayla’s blog is all about dancing in Marin county. Dancing is something that I know very little about so I am interested to learn more about it!
Ryan’s blog is about playing soccer in Marin as a teen. Soccer is also one of my main sports, so I am looking forward to reading her posts as well.